Our Services


We provide top quality bookkeeping services at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house employee. We'll develop the systems and procedures which will allow your financial data to help you manage your business. Our guarantee is that we will provide accurate, precise and professional monthly management accounts for your business at an affordable cost.

Bookkeeping Services

• Accounts payable
• Accounts receivable
• Bank Reconciliations
• Inventory management
• General ledger
• Tax forms - monthly P.A.Y.E. return forms
• Payroll processing


Managing payroll can be a difficult task. As your business grows the time and resources needed to manage your payroll sytems can grow exponentially. We can assist you with this exercise to ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Payroll Services
• Setting up of a payroll system
• Preparation of employee job letters
• Setting up bank ACH transfers
• Annual T4 certificates
• Annual TD1 forms
• Monthly Payroll Processing
• Banking Transactions
• Employee Payslips
• Employee Contracts

Management Accounts

Tardy and incorrect reporting can severely impact decision making but of equal importance is the need to present financial data in a format which is understandable to all stakeholders. Management reports are not just a reflection of business profitability. They tell a story of the current state of a business and provides useful data which can help to predict future outlooks. Our dedicated management accounting team works closely with SME to help them to interpret the numbers. The reports produced are a benchmark for managing output and a driving force for businesses to reach their growth potential. With the changing economic climate we understand that business owners must also be able to gain useful insights from the reports to ensure the survial of their business.

Company Formation

We understand how complicated it can be when starting your own business. Knowing the right forms to fill out, the proper steps to take and dealing with the various government agencies can be quite tedious and confusing. At CVA we can remove the hassel of having to deal with the red tape, giving you more time to focus on your area of expertise. We'll get the ball rolling and have your business up and ready to go in no time.

Fixed Asset Management

Managing a company's assets without having proper systems and controls in place can cause issues for any organisation. At CV and Associates we can create policy documents and guidelines to assist with the managing of your assets. Asset tracking will become easier with the added benefit of reports which can generated monthy or at year end for your audit.

Regardless of the size or the type of industry you are in, fixed asset management is an integral part of your organization's financial operations. Keeping track of assets can not only help to minimize the occurrence of theft but also assist in identifying asset lives which can trigger budgeting for replacement costs.

Accounting Consultation

Consultation is an important process for us which gives us a gauge of where your business is at and how we can assist you in acheiving your accounting objectives. You can feel at ease knowing that if there is an area of concern which falls outside of our expertise, we can refer you to other experienced finance specialists. We are here to serve you and help you to grow.


Reporting to the government can be challenging especially when you are not aware of tax legislation. We can advise you of the income threshold for VAT registration and assist you with the calculations to ensure that you are meeting your statutory obligations. Call us today and become compliant!